What is Cloud ACD?
ACD, or Automatic Call Distribution, is all about a smart and quick distribution of incoming calls amongst your call center agents. Wide-ranging tools such as agent and queue administration, statistics and call center monitoring, will enable your personal ACD to efficiently make use of your resources and to ensure that no calls will go by unanswered. CallOne offers you a cloud-based solution – meaning that you do not have to invest in expensive hardware or extensions for your phone system. You can simply access your system online. Thereby, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a contact center software without having to deal with any extra IT efforts.
Find more information on CallOne ACD here.
Will we be able to keep our current phone system?
es. There are many different ways to combine the ACD solution with your existing phone system. The solution can be combined with classic phone systems (e.g. Avaya), as well as with virtual phone systems. We can connect you via PSTN or VoIP and you may use conventional phones, soft phones or VoIP phones. The choice is yours.
Won’t it be a lot of extra effort for our company to introduce the new contact center system?
We assure you that it won’t be. Your new ACD will be set up in couple of hours and, as it is a highly user-friendly system, you will be able to use it straight away. Nevertheless, we will be at your side to assist you at any time. Needless to say that setting-up and adapting the system to your specific needs won’t lead you to any additional costs.
Does using the CallOne ACD save us costs?
Yes. The CallOne contact center solution is a state of the art system that will help reduce your average times for call processing. Using your capacities and resources in such a smart way, will help reduce costs many times over.
How can the solution help us to manage the number of incoming calls?
Naturally, we do not have direct influence on the number of incoming calls you receive. However, CallOne Cloud ACD offers you smart features to distribute any number of incoming calls evenly throughout your call center. Origin-dependent routing, smart pre-classification trough IVR and callback from the queue are only three of the countless options you have.
Is it possible to have agents working from home?
Yes. Home office agents can easily be included in the system through VoIP or any kind of phone number (landline or mobile phone). This makes CallOne Cloud ACD a solution that is accessible from all over the world, not matter where you or your agents are.
Are outbound calls possible?
Yes. You are able to actively make worldwide outbound calls or have them initiated automatically through interface integration. However, we do not offer a power-dialer option.
Our company works from a number of different locations. Is it possible to use the call center system at all of them simultaneously?
Yes, CallOne ACD is not bound to a specific location. You can use the system for all your locations, working with a single account.
Are calls among call center agents at various locations free of charge?
Yes, if you combine the ACD with an integrated virtual phone system.
Isn’t the sound quality of VoIP calls supposed to be really bad?
Not at all. Find more information about VoIP here.
Is it possible to record calls?
Yes. Calls can be recorded on the side of the customer, the agent or both. Additionally, you can choose if this happens automatically after a certain rate of calls or manually.
Which number do customers see when we give them a call?
You can choose the number you would like to submit from your company. Feel free to use the number of your service hotline.
How do we make sure that a customer is transferred to the right call center agent?
By assigning your agents to a specific skill group, you can make sure that customers are transferred to an agent that can best help them out. Skill groups can be arranged according to levels of a certain language or levels of knowledge about a specific service topic. This way, you can make sure that your customers will always receive the best service.
What happens if all agents are already in a call?
CallOne ACD provides you with state of the art queue management. If they have to wait, customers will be able to hear the estimated waiting time and have the choice to either wait or have an agent call them back at a time of their choosing. Any information you need for these callbacks will be forwarded to your e-mail. Callbacks can also be initiated automatically as soon as an agent changes his status.
What about WebRTC?
WebRTC is a future-oriented way of communication and can of course be administrated with you contact center solution.
Find more information on WebRTC here.
What does the user interface look like?
The user interface of your contact center system is very intuitive. You can access it through any kind of web browser, there is no need for any additional downloads and installations.
How do I control ongoing processes in my call center?
Any process can be supervised through graphic real-time statistical tools that will give you an exact overview of everything that is going on in you call center.
Can certain incoming calls be prioritized?
Yes, there are many ways in which you can prioritize calls. You could, for example, detect a highly valued customer through his number and have him forwarded directly to a specific agent, instead of leaving him in the queue.
Can I access the system through an app on my smartphone?
Yes, you can access the system with your smartphone any time from any place.
Does CallOne ACD support multichannel communication?
Yes, it does. We work with every possible voice channel and offer you a vast range of integrations to your already existing business solutions.
Is there a way to test the solution?
Of course. You can start a free trial account with us any time. Find more information here or contact us.
What happens during the trial period and afterwards?
For the whole time of your trial period you will receive a fully functional trial account that is adapted to your specific needs. Extensive support from one of our experts is, of course, included in the trial account. At the end of the trial, your account can be turned into a proper client account in a matter of minutes.
Can I change greetings and messages myself?
Yes. All greetings and messages are 100% customizable. You can change files yourself by uploading any wav or mp3 file and they will automatically be changed into the right type of file. Messages that already exist can be changed in one place and automatically adapted everywhere else.
Is it possible to connect my ACD to other system and apps?
Yes. There are various possible integrations to other systems. You could for example connect your ACD with your own CRM- or ERP-system, which would give you the possibility to know straight away why a customer is giving you a call. Use this knowledge to administrate all of your calls in a smart way.
What are my possibilities in terms of analytical tools?
You have access to a vast number of real-time statistics, which will give you access to all relevant data in your call center. Statistics include but are not limited to: SLA statistics, information on reachability, skill groups, comparative figures and the origins of your calls. All statistics will also be accessible in a graphic format that will give you the best overview you could possibly have. All statistical tools are accessible through your smartphone and tablet as well.