Countless adaptable and customizable features help both your call center agents and your customer service to serve your clients. We’ll assist you in building your own unique, efficient call center system in a twinkling.


Fast configuration of your support line

Phone number in more than 30 countries

Get local or toll-free numbers for any country in the world.

Real-time configuration

Change agent or phone number settings in real-time. All it takes is one click.

All in one place

Manage your call center system from the cloud — worldwide, across different locations of your company.

Call management

Access call statistics in your call center agents’ user interface. Use outbound functions and various team functions.

Music & messages

Customize your greeting message. Upload any sound file in mp3 or wav format or write a text down for us. We will create them for you.

WebRTC & callback

Integrate a live click-to-call button directly on your website. No dialing necessary.

Call distribution

Distribute calls evenly throughout your team. All at the same time, successively or according to their skills.

Call forwarding

Assign calls to your colleagues or forward them. Always know if your agents are available.


Process calls efficiently


We offer you the best from both worlds. You don’t have to choose, as we support both standard PSTN lines and VoIP.

Live-statistics & analytics

Looking for call-by-call records, redials or caller location? We’ll get you the necessary real-time reports and statistics.

Call recording

Record conversations on both the side of the agent and the customer – automatically or manually. Listen to them in real-time or have them sent to you via e-mail.

Interactive Voice Responds (IVR)

Help your customer to be connected through a menu you can set up yourself and adapt to your needs.

Unlimited number of concurrent calls

Make and receive as many calls as you’d like on your numbers. There is no limit.

Waiting queue

Let your customers know how long they’be waiting as they listen to music of your choice. Let them choose to be called back instead of waiting.

Skill Groups

Some of your agents are highly qualified in a certain topic? Sort them into skill groups and let customers be forwarded to them straight away.

Outbound calls

Choose which number you’d like your customers to see when you give them a call.

Email Mailbox

Receive and play voice mails directly by e-mail.


Receive and send fax messages on the same number you use for making phone calls. Integrate them into a ticketing tool or have them sent through email

Opening hours

Manage your opening hours and public holidays within your system and let your customers know when they can reach you.

Conference call

Not one of your classic ACD functions, but still quite useful: start your next company conference call with one click.

Interface integration

Connect your systems. All of them.

Integrate your own hardware

You decide if you want to continue using your old hardware or get rid of it. Softphone, Smartphone or IP-phone — your options are limitless.

Webhooks & APIs

Use the CallOne cloud contact center solution in combination with any other business system. Most of them already feature an interface. If not, we’ll create one for you.


Combine CallOne with interface integrations such as Zendesk or Microsoft CRM.

Google AdWords

Connect your online marketing to your phone customer service. All agents are in a call? We’ll pause your Adwords campaign – save the money.

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